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Know the Causes of Easy Bruising

Bruising or bruising generally occurs when the body hits something strongly. However, some people can experience bruising only because of minor collisions or even no collisions at all. To better understand the cause of bruising, consider the following review! Bruising occurs when a small blood vessel ruptures, so the blood cells inside it seep out and settle under the surface of the skin. This causes reddish or purplish appearance on the skin. Naturally, platelet cells (platelets) in the blood will work together with blood clotting factors to form clots to stop this bleeding. Then the blood cells will be absorbed again by the body slowly and the bruises fade. Some Causes of Easy Bruising Most bruises or bruises are caused by physical injury, and can improve on their own within a period of several days. However, if bruising often occurs without a clear or sudden cause, it is likely that it is caused by a disease or certain medical condition, such as: 1. Lack of blood clotting fact
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Protect Our Children from the Dangers of Free Relations

Adolescence is a beautiful time to carve a story full of memories. However, the dream of having a beautiful youth can disappear in an instant if a teenager falls into the danger of promiscuity. Free sex means having sexual relations with different people without being based on marriage ties. Free promiscuity cannot be tolerated, because there are a variety of dangers of promiscuity that lurk teenagers, especially if teens often change partners. Causes and Effects of promiscuity on adolescents Adolescents have a high risk of being ensnared by promiscuity. This is because adolescents have considerable curiosity about matters relating to sexual relations. Without adequate education from parents, this curiosity can make teens try to find out for themselves these things. In effect, the opportunity for teenagers to fall into promiscuity will be even greater. The effects and dangers of promiscuity cannot be underestimated. There are various dangers that lurk teenagers if they fall int

Extinguish the Fire of Jealousy Before Burning Your Happiness

Jealousy can happen to anyone, whether it's a friend or partner. The emergence of jealousy is usually triggered by several things, ranging from the fear of loss, jealousy, sadness, to anger. According to a psychologist, jealousy might reflect your view of yourself. This can also show how confident someone is about their identity. Jealousy may also appear as an accumulation of discomfort and worry that arises from a relationship. Discomfort in a relationship can come from the words or actions of your partner towards you. On the other hand, worry can form because of the presence of other people in your relationship and your partner. Another thing that can trigger jealousy is a lack of time or attention when in a relationship. In other words, jealousy comes when there is a concern that the couple will turn to someone else. Bad Effects of Jealousy in Your Life Jealousy in relationships between partners is actually a normal and normal reaction as a form of caring for the couple.